The Fraternal Order Of Police made up of business and professional people from all walks of life. It is a non-sectarian, non-political organization and was founded upon the ennobling doctrines of American Democracy in Dayton, Ohio in 1942.

The Fraternal Order Of Police Associates is not a "Cops an Robbers" organization, nor do they perform duties of a police officer. They do set examples of what a citizen should be in his community and they are of unquestionable character and they are willing to assist in making law enforcement better in their city, state, and country.

Many changes have taken place in law enforcement through the efforts of members of the Associate Lodges throughout the country. These changes have included a better grade of men to join the police force. The police officers today is a skilled professional man in his field.

"Support Your Police Officers"
2007     Cleveland F.O.P.A. Lodge #23

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